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Ready to order? Let's get started:

1. Measure the width of the existing baseboard cover you want to replace. Measure from end to end in inches. MAKE SURE YOUR BASEBOARDS ARE HOT WATER HEAT. That is the most common type. Our covers are currently not for electric or steam baseboards, but they will be available in 2018.

2. Select the “Baseboard Cover Set” below that most closely matches the size of the baseboard you just measured. Make sure to order a baseboard cover set size that is NOT LESS IN LENGTH than your measurement. Our covers are designed to be trimmed with a hacksaw or Sawzall for a custom fit.

3. The cover measurements are precisely 8-feet, 6-feet, 4-feet, and 2-feet. If your measurement is ONE INCH over the length of a cover, you can round down and purchase the smaller cover. For example, if the radiator run is 49” the 4-foot (48”) cover will work. If your existing cover is 50” you would need to buy the 6-foot cover set and trim it. Buying a cover set that is slightly too small could result in the end caps not seating securely.

4. If the length of your existing baseboard cover is longer than 8 feet, you should order TWO cover sets AND a “Snap Cap” to connect them in the middle. Measure the entire width of your existing baseboard, divide the number in half, and order two baseboards that are closest to that number without going under in size.

5. Once you have added the cover set or sets (and snap cap if needed) to your order, add a “Complete End Cap Set” to your cart. The Complete End Cap set includes two End Caps and two Snap Caps to finish off the ends of the covers. We sell these separately from the cover sets because many customers have radiator runs that require the purchase of two connecting cover sets, but only one end cap set.

6. If you have a room where two baseboards connect in a corner, be sure to also add either an Inner Corner or an Outer Corner to your order.

CANADIAN CUSTOMERS: Shipping costs do not include customs fees.

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