Paint Color of the Month + Cover Swatch Match August 2023

baseboard heater covers modern design color of the month august

One of the best parts about changing a room’s paint is the opportunity to create a fresh palette with other design elements such as furniture, lighting, and accessories. Whether you’re darkening walls to create a more dramatic mood, or you’re lightening walls to increase a room’s energy, changing your paint is an exciting step that actually affects your daily outlook in a very positive way.

While you’re updating your paint, consider also upgrading your baseboard heater covers. Baseboard covers are a lot more important to a room’s look and feel than you might realize. In fact, installing new baseboard heater covers alone can immediately modernize a room. Imagine the impact when you update both paint and covers at the same time.

We love how paint companies help homeowners coordinate paint colors with a room’s decor by sharing featured colors, whether monthly, seasonally, or annually. At Cover Luxe, we’re choosing a baseboard heater cover color to match up to one of this month’s paint colors.

For the month of August 2023:

Sherwin Williams “Color of the Month” is: Silvermist.

The Cover Luxe “Color of the Month” baseboard heater cover swatch match is: White

The contrast of a bright white Cover Luxe baseboard cover gives Sherwin William’s Silvermist a fresh pop from the wall.

Silvermist is a gorgeous neutral gray that reminds the design community that gray is still as relevant as ever. Silvermist’s slight hint of sage complements a wide range of palettes.

Bonus! Do you like our Paint Color of the Month swatch match? We also had fun developing a Cover Luxe Design Palette for Summer 2023 anchored by Silvermist and Cover Luxe White. We think muted colors like pale blue, green, and coral capture the essence of this summer. Stick with the Cover Luxe palette for a dreamy, relaxed ambiance, or choose pillows and accessories in a darker shade of the coral for a bit more drama. Save the palette graphic (below) to your photos to have on hand when shopping. And for a complementary metal, we think silver has the cool feel that this overly hot summer needs.

We hope you’re having a wonderful summer brightening up your home!

— The Cover Luxe Team

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