How To Install Baseboard Heater Cover End Caps and Corners

baseboard cover corner installation

Installing end caps and corners with Cover Luxe is so much easier than installation on metal systems. Our accessories are designed to snap right into place, and very easy to remove for regular cleaning. Below we describe the installation process for accessories, but you can also watch our installation videos.

How To Install End Caps

A Cover Luxe end cap set includes four pieces: two end caps and two end snaps to secure the ends in place. We get asked a lot if the end snaps are the same as the “snap cap connector.” They are slightly different and not interchangeable. We don’t sell the end snaps separately to avoid any confusion in ordering, which is why you don’t see the end snaps referenced anywhere. End snaps are a part of the end cap set and are only available with the end cap set.

The end caps are installed after the cover installation is complete. With one hand, place the end cap a centimeter away from the cover, seating it around the lip of the back plate. With the other hand, insert the end snap at the top and behind the cover, and then press down at the bottom to securely snap into place. It’s easier to visualize if you watch the end cap  installation videos.

Repeat on the other end, and your installation is complete. Keep in mind you should not place the end cap edge flush with the end of the cover. That’s because the plastic can shift and if touching it could make more noise as it expands.

How To Install Snap Cap Connectors

The Snap Cap Connector is designed for two possible scenarios:

  1. Connecting two covers to create a longer cover
  2. Creating a finished end when a pipe exits the wall (end caps can’t be installed at a wall because an end cap doesn’t have a pass-through, but a snap cap connector will give that end a polished look)

Installing a snap cap connector is as simple as seating the top ledge or lip behind the tiny gap at the top of the cover, and then pressing down at the bottom to snap it into place.

Installing a snap cap connector as an end cap at a wall uses the same process. Just slide it flush with the wall once it’s affixed to the cover.

How To Install 90° Inside Corners

The 90° inside corners are easy to install, but may take a little more force if a wall isn’t perfectly square. The inside corners come in two pieces: one upper and one lower piece. 

First, position the lower piece in front of the two covers at the corner. Press firmly to hold into place while placing the top piece behind the tiny gap behind the top of the cover. The lip of the top corner piece should fit neatly behind the cover and over the top of the lower corner piece. Once seated properly, press down with a little force to connect the two corner pieces.

How To Install 90° Outside Corners

The 90° outside corners come in one piece. The back of the corner has a small ledge or lip that needs to be seated behind the tiny gap between the wall and the top of the cover. The corner should be installed with a firm vertical press. It’s easiest to position the corner perfectly against the wall right above the cover at the corner, and move the corner down until the lip seats behind the two covers. You may need to exert a little force to get it into final position. Take a look at the video that shows how the corner is installed.

How To Install An Adjustable Inside or Outside Corner

The adjustable corners are designed for breakfast nooks and bay windows that don’t have a 90° angle corner. The adjustable corners work for approximately 117° degrees. They do not fit 90° angle corners. They also cannot compensate for a 90° angle corner that isn’t square.

In very rare instances you may have a wall that isn’t compatible with 90° corners or the adjustable corners. It’s a result of a custom build home where there are unusual wall angles by design. Most builders or plumbing and HVAC techs don’t route heating elements along an unusual corner because of the installation complexity, but if your home has it, contact us and we can take a look at a photo to see if there is a workaround. Our Live Chat is available 24/7 for help with installation. If we don’t respond immediately, we will get right back to you, usually within a couple of minutes.

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