Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get help with installation?

We designed our baseboard covers to be easy for the average DIY homeowner to install. If you want to do it yourself, follow the steps in the installation videos on our website. They are divided into four short sections to make it easier to organize the installation process. If you prefer that someone else do the installation, there are several options. If you purchased at Ace Hardware, speak with your sales representative for recommended installers at the time of purchase. If you purchase your covers online or at an Ace Hardware and later decide to not do it yourself, call us at 1-855-PLASTX-1 and we can recommend installers in your area.

Can I paint Better Baseboard Covers?

You can paint Better Baseboard Covers, but we recommend against it because the covers have not been tested with a coat of paint. You could experience paint chipping or other unintended side effects if you paint the covers. Painting Better Baseboard Covers (and accessories) also voids your warranty.

With that said, Better Baseboard Covers can be painted with a product formulated to be applied to plastic surfaces. No testing has been done on the durability, longevity, or fit for use of painted baseboard covers. Painting Better Baseboard Covers is at your own risk.

As trends change, we plan to continue expanding our color selections. If you have a color or finish preference, you can always email and let us know.

Can I pick up my order if I live near the warehouse?

Yes, we are located at 21 Dixon Avenue in Copiague, NY (on Long Island). The easiest way to get local pick-up is to proceed with your online order. During check-out you’ll see a shipping cost calculated. Go ahead and check out. Once your order is complete, send us an email letting us know your order number and that you want to pick up your order. We’ll refund your entire shipping cost and send you a confirmation email. Make sure to let us know immediately because we generally pack and ship on the same day the order is placed.

Can I select a shipping method other than UPS?

Because of the length of the shipping box on the longer panels, we’ve optimized our shipping to use the fastest, least expensive method possible. At this time, we have found UPS to be the best option in terms of both price and speed of delivery and have negotiated reduced shipping rates that we pass along to the customer. For this reason, we don’t offer other shipping methods. Because we generally process and ship on the same day as we receive the order, you should receive your baseboard covers within a few days on the east coast to a week on the west coast.

Can I use a household cleaner to clean the baseboard covers?

Never use a household cleaner, bleach, Lysol, solvent, or any other chemical on your Cover Luxe Better Baseboard Covers. This also includes not using light cleaning sprays like Spic n Span, Clorox, Endust, or any other brand of product. Only use a damp cloth with water to clean your baseboard covers. If you use a cleaner or chemical it will damage the covers and void the product warranty.

In the event that a cover becomes damaged by a chemical, you can easily replace the damaged cover with a replacement cover. Your hardware is already in place and you can remove the damaged cover and replace with a new one.

Can the baseboard cover colors be changed if I update my décor?

Absolutely. The mounting hardware is hidden. If you choose to change your baseboard covers, simply order a new Cover Set and Complete End Cap Set (and corner caps if needed) in the color of your choice. Make sure the Cover Set length you order is at or longer than the length of the existing cover.

Can’t I just paint my old metal baseboard covers?

Yes, you can… But have you ever tried to paint metal baseboard covers? The process is quite difficult. It may seem easy, but most old metal baseboard covers have a tendency to become disfigured over time. Have you ever seen metal end caps and snap caps that don’t fit perfectly and fall off? When you paint metal baseboard covers it doesn’t make them fit better.

If you’re going to paint, you’ll also need to metal brush, sand, clean, and prime each of your pieces. (Got a spare week?) The DIY shows make it look like a weekend project, but anyone who’s tried it will tell you otherwise.

And don’t forget to label each baseboard cover, end cap, and snap cap as you remove them or you can add solving puzzles to the workload.

Once the primer dries you still have to paint and dry them again, and that’s a weekend process even if you do only one coat.

Even after you paint metal baseboard covers, they still won’t look fresh and new. There’s going to be drips or places where deep rust pits show. It’s also impossible to get the nicks and dents out. Plus, over time the baseboards become more dented, chipped, and they’ll eventually rust again. After all that work!

This is why we created the Better Baseboard Cover. To paint metal baseboard covers is so much work and time for very little pay-off. And you’ll probably have to go through it again in a few years. We’ve been there and done that. We knew there had to be a better way.

With one installation of Better Baseboard Covers, you won’t have to worry about rust, chip, or dents. And you’ll never need to go through that painful painting process again.

Do the baseboard covers work on electric heat baseboards?

Cover Luxe baseboard covers are not designed to be installed over electric heating systems or electric radiator covers. Cover Luxe baseboard covers are compatible with hot water heating units only. We are in development of a cover that is compatible with electric heat baseboard covers and we expect to have them available in 2018. If you have a question about your system compatibility, please contact us.

Does the company offer contractor pricing to contractors or builders?

We do offer contractor pricing for licensed contractors and residential and commercial builders. Call our office at 1-888-PLASTX-1 to request your contractor status. Once approved, we’ll provide information on how to purchase online as a contractor.

During installation, why doesn’t the back strip I received have holes like the video?

Shortly after we produced our installation videos, we went into production on an updated back strip design that makes the kit even easier to install. If you purchased one of the kits without holes in the back strips, simply align it into the grooves of the brackets and continue with installation according to the video instructions.

How do I clean the baseboard covers?

Never use a chemical or household cleaning product on your baseboard covers. Only use water. Simply dampen a soft cloth with a little water and wipe the cover. To control dust build-up, remove the cover regularly, wipe the back side of the cover, and vacuum the heater element. Our easy-to-use design makes taking the covers off and on very simple.

How do I know if I need inner or outer corner caps?

It’s easy to know if you need to include a corner in your order. In some rooms, the heating element starts on one wall and ends on an adjacent wall. You would order one inner corner for every instance where the heating element hugs against an inner wall. You would order an outer corner if the element hugs up against an outer corner wall. If you have any questions you can always call or email us and we’ll walk you through your order.

How do I know if my baseboard heat is hot water or steam?

Wondering if your old baseboard radiator covers are compatible with Cover Luxe baseboard covers? Our covers work with hydronic heat systems, aka “hot water heat” or “slant fin” baseboard covers. If you have baseboard heat in Northern America, it’s likely that you have hot water heat, and your baseboards will be compatible with our covers! When developing our product we wanted to provide products for the most people possible, and hydronic heat is the most common in our service area.

But some homes are equipped with steam heat or electric heat.

Electric: If your home uses electric heat, you won’t be able to use our covers. We’re developing a product that will be compatible with electric baseboard heat and expect it to be available to the public in 2018.

How do you know if your baseboards are hot water or steam? With steam heat, there is typically a valve on the outside of each element. Hydronic heat does not have a valve.

Occasionally there may be a situation where you’re not sure. In that case, you can call us and we’ll help you determine whether your system is compatible.

How do I know what size of baseboard cover set to order?

A Cover Set is simply one front panel cover plus the back panel strip and the accessories needed to install the cover. The End Caps and Snap Caps that secure the cover will also need to be ordered. They come in the Complete End Cap Set. A typical order for a room with one straight baseboard heating element along one wall is one Cover Set and one Complete End Cap Set.

To determine the size of the Cover Set to order, simply measure the length of the heating element you intend to cover. Then, select the Cover Set length that most closely fits WITHOUT GOING UNDER. For example, if you measure an element at 30″ you’d need to order the 4-foot Cover Set (49″ in length) and trim it to 30″. We sometimes get asked if it’s okay to order the smaller size Cover Set if the measurement is close. Unfortunately, the measurement recommendations are not flexible. For example, if your element is 26″ (the 2-Foot Cover Set is 25″) you would not have enough cover to secure the End Caps to the cover. There would be a small gap between the cover and End Cap. The Snap Caps that secure the End Caps would not fit snugly.

For reference, the lengths of each Cover Set cover are:

2-Foot Cover Set: 25″ length cover

4-Foot Cover Set: 49″ length cover

6-Foot Cover Set: 74″ length cover

8-Foot Cover Set: 97″ length cover

Each Cover Set includes one front panel cover, one back panel strip, a varying number of brackets depending on cover length, and screws. If the studs in your wall are not at standard 16″ width apart, you will need wall anchors which are not included in the set.

When ordering a Cover Set, you’ll also need to order a “Complete End Cap Set” which includes a Right End Cap, Left End Cap, and two Snap Caps.

If you have a long wall that is longer than 97″ you will need to order two Cover Sets, one Complete End Cap Set, AND one additional single Snap Cap to connect the two covers in the middle. Measure your wall and split the measurement in half. Order two Cover Sets that exceed that half measurement, plus the Complete End Cap Set and the extra Snap Cap.

If at any point you need help, we’ll walk you through measuring and ordering process.

How do I reach customer support?

Our friendly staff is available by phone at 1-855-PLASTX-1 or use our contact form on the Contact Us page to email us. We aim to respond quickly to every call or email. You can reach us immediately by phone during business hours of 8:00am – 5:00pm Eastern Time, and with a minimal time delay on weekends. We try to respond to emails on holidays but there may be more of a delay. We also respond to support requests on Facebook. Send us a private message and we’ll get back to you usually within an hour or less.

How soon will I receive the baseboard covers?

Once you place your order, we generally package and ship same day if the order is placed before 4pm ET. Weekend orders are filled on Mondays unless it’s a holiday. With UPS Ground you should have your delivery within a week or less. If you have not received your order within 5-6 business days, let us know and we’ll help determine if there is an issue.

I have a breakfast nook with angles that aren’t 90 degrees. Will Better Baseboard Covers work?

We’ve been working on a solution to corners that aren’t the standard 90 degree angle. The product is currently in development and expected to be released in late 2017. In the meantime, we’ve seen customers install Better Baseboard Covers in their breakfast nooks and it’s still an improvement over the metal baseboard covers. If you have a situation where your baseboard heat does not conform to 90 degree angles, send us your email and we’ll add you to our list of customers we’ll be contacting when new products release.

My baseboard covers run from wall to wall. How do I get End Caps to fit?

That’s easy! Instead of buying a Complete End Cap Set, purchase two individual Snap Caps. Make sure your cover is trimmed to the proper size. Snap the cover into place and then snap the Snap Caps at each end for that clean, finished look. That’s one of the reasons we sell covers separately from the caps and corners. Every heating vent configuration is different, and we’ve developed our products to help you customize the final look.

My baseboard covers seem like a special case. How do I know if Better Baseboard Covers will fit?

We occasionally come across unique situations. Typically, Better Baseboard Covers will work. We’re here to help you determine if your heating cover vent configuration is compatible with our covers, corners, and caps. Email us or call and we can answer any questions. If you feel it’s easier than explaining, take a photo and email it to us with your question.

What are the baseboard covers made of?

Cover Luxe Better Baseboard Covers are made of a patented molded plastic that is strong, durable, and heat safe. It is made of recycled material.

What are the exact height and depth measurements?

All of our covers measure exactly 8″ in height and 3″ in depth. This is the standard industry measurement for baseboard heater covers.

What comes in each baseboard cover set?

A standard Cover Set comes with mounting brackets, screws, front panel cover, and back panel strip. You will need to order a Complete End Cap Set that includes the two End Caps and two Snap Caps that secure the ends of the front panel cover.

Don’t forget to order Inner Corner or Outer Corner if needed.

A single Snap Cap would also need to be ordered if you are connecting two Cover Set covers together.

What happens if I order the wrong size?

We accept returns received within 30 days from the date of purchase. You will receive a refund on the price of the products returned once we receive them and verify that they are in new condition. Shipping is not refundable. The item must be in its original packaging with all parts included and undamaged. Please call us before shipping back to us so we can properly process your return.

What happens if my child jumps or walks on the covers?

Cover Luxe Better Baseboard Covers are designed to be strong and durable. We provide a 10-year limited warranty and stand behind the product. With that said, the warranty is voided if the covers are intentionally damaged. A small child most likely would not be able to damage the baseboard covers without quite a lot of effort. Keep in mind if the covers are “painted” the warranty is voided. This could include markers or coloring. If you encounter an issue you’re unsure of, give us a call.

What tools are needed to install the baseboard covers?

Cover Luxe Better Baseboard Covers are designed to be easy to install with average household tools. The videos walk you through the exact tools needed if you want to see it visually. The tools needed are:

  • Hacksaw to trim the front panel cover and back panel strip to the perfect size
  • Drill to remove old screws and install new ones
  • Pliers to remove the existing metal baseboard cover
  • Stud finder for finding studs in the wall, as the brackets need to be installed into studs

A stud finder is ideal but not necessary. For instances where walls do not have standard studs, you would need wall anchors (not included). It’s also good to have a vacuum cleaner so you can clean dust off the heating element before covering it.

Why do I need to buy End Cap Sets separately from the baseboard covers?

While many hydronic heating vent element placements in a home are predictable, we occasionally come across unique situations. We’ve developed our products to help you get that customized look without the custom price. When you’re calculating the sizes of the covers you need, you’ll also need to decide how many End Cap Sets you need, as well as Inner and Outer Corner Caps and Snap Caps.

End Cap Sets are what give the finished look on the outer edges of a cover.

Snap Caps can connect two covers together to cover elements longer than 8 feet. They can also be used in the place of End Cap Sets when an element stretches wall to wall. The edges aren’t visible so a Snap Cap looks as great as an End Cap.

Inner and Outer Corners allow you to connect two covers at a corner, giving your baseboards a custom look and feel.