We make samples available for customers who want to see the product before ordering or color match to their existing decor. A sample kit can be found at the bottom of our shop and ordered for $10. Add it to your cart and check out just as though you were placing a product order. Use code SHIPSAMPLE for free shipping on the sample (enter into code box on the checkout page and then click “code” button to apply). We generally ship samples same day if ordered before 1pm ET.

We designed our baseboard covers to be easy for the average homeowner to install. If you want to do it yourself, follow the steps in the installation videos on our website. They are divided into sections to make it easier to organize the installation process.

If you prefer that someone else do the installation, we recommend that you hire a local handyman or contractor. They should be able to easily install the covers. It doesn’t require any specialized tools or knowledge.

If you live on Long Island, NY we offer installation services. We also do large installations in the NYC area. Contact us through chat to inquire or schedule an appointment.

You can paint Better Baseboard Covers, but we recommend against it because the covers have not been tested with a coat of paint. You could experience paint chipping or other unintended side effects if you paint the covers. Painting Better Baseboard Covers (and accessories) also voids your warranty.

With that said, Better Baseboard Covers can be painted with a product formulated to be applied to plastic surfaces. No testing has been done on the durability, longevity, or fit for use of painted baseboard covers. Painting Better Baseboard Covers is at your own risk.

As trends change, we plan to continue expanding our color selections. If you have a color or finish preference, you can always email and let us know.

We are located at 21 Grant Street in Copiague, NY (Long Island) for local pick-ups.

The easiest way to get local pick-up is to proceed with your online order and select “Local Pick-up.”

You will not need to confirm or schedule a pick-up time. Your order will be ready for you as soon as you arrive. Our warehouse is open for pick-ups between 8-3 weekdays.

Because of the length of the shipping box on the longer panels, we’ve optimized our shipping to use the fastest, least expensive method possible. At this time, we have found FedEx to be the best option in terms of both price and speed of delivery and have negotiated reduced shipping rates that we pass along to the customer. For this reason, we don’t offer other shipping methods. Because we generally process and ship on the same day as we receive the order, you should receive your baseboard covers within a few days on the east coast to a week on the west coast.

Never use a household cleaner, bleach, Lysol, solvent, or any other chemical on your Cover Luxe Better Baseboard Covers. This also includes not using light cleaning sprays like Spic n Span, Clorox, Endust, or any other brand of product. Only use a damp cloth with water to clean your baseboard covers. If you use a cleaner or chemical it will damage the covers and void the product warranty.

In the event that a cover becomes damaged by a chemical, you can easily replace the damaged cover with a replacement cover. Your hardware is already in place and you can remove the damaged cover and replace with a new one.

Absolutely. The mounting hardware is hidden. If you choose to change your baseboard covers, simply order a new Cover Set and Complete End Cap Set (and corner caps if needed) in the color of your choice. Make sure the Cover Set length you order is at or longer than the length of the existing cover.

The Cover Luxe baseboard covers we currently sell are not designed to be installed over electric heating systems, but we are in development of a cover that is compatible with electric heat baseboard covers.

We do not have a target date for availability yet, but if you contact us we can notify you when we have a launch date.

We provide a 10-year limited warranty and stand behind the product when it is used for its intended purpose under normal indoor conditions.

To be eligible for the warranty, the original buyer must send a completed warranty card and copy of the original receipt by mail or email within 30 days of purchase. The warranty is not transferable.

The warranty is voided in a few situations:

  1. If the covers are intentionally damaged the warranty is voided. Jumping on, stepping on, standing on, or bending them would be considered intentional damage.
  2. Placing heavy objects or furniture on the covers that cause damage will void the warranty.
  3. Intentionally striking the covers will void the warranty.
  4. If the covers are scrubbed with a scrub pad, steel wool, hard-bristle or wire brush or if they’re cleaned with chemicals or bleach the warranty is voided.*
  5. If the covers are painted, colored with markers or crayons, or if stickers are affixed the warranty is voided.
  6. If the covers are shipped by a customer to a second customer or location and the covers sustain damage in transit, the warranty will be voided.
  7. If a customer acquires our covers from an unauthorized reseller and/or purchases a counterfeit product the warranty is voided. Buy directly from our website to ensure you’re getting the genuine product.
  8. If a customer acquires our covers from a contractor, builder, or home seller that does not explain the proper cleaning process, the warranty is voided. (Please contact your contractor).*

*It’s important to make sure anyone in the home who would be cleaning the covers is aware that chemicals, bleach, and extra-strength cleaners should not be used. The covers are designed for easy cleaning with a soft cloth and water, and/or a diluted solution of mild dish soap.

Instead of purchasing an end cap set, purchase snap caps and snap one onto each end against the wall. The snap caps should overlap the cover and rest flush against the wall for a neat, finished look.

Our covers are 3″ deep as installed, but they can work with the deeper high-output fins with a simple modification. If you slightly press back the front of the fins to the left or right with a flat tool you can create a small amount of clearance.

Some customers feel more comfortable talking to us before attempting it. We encourage you to call our office and ask us to explain the process and answer any technical questions.

Cover Luxe offers contractor pricing for licensed contractors, residential and commercial builders, and home improvement and interior design firms.

To apply for contractor status, email us at customerservice@michellet19.sg-host.com with your name, business name, address, phone number, and a link to your website or other online presence for verification. If you do not have an online presence you can send a photo of your business card. Once approved and in our system we’ll email you an online discount code and contractor program details. You’ll be able to immediately begin ordering on our website with your discount code once issued.

Shortly after we produced our original installation videos, we went into production on an updated back strip design without holes that makes the kit even easier to install.

If you received a cover set without holes in the upper back panel, simply align it into the grooves of the brackets. You can view our new installation videos for more information.

The covers are designed to be a DIY project that’s easy to install. We’ve developed a set of installation videos that show how to remove the old covers and install the new ones.

Watch the videos at http://michellet19.sg-host.com/installation

Visit our shop page at http://michellet19.sg-host.com/shop/

You’ll find all of our products, prices, and color options. This is also where you’ll place your order. As soon as your order is processed you’ll receive a confirmation email from us.

If you have local pick-up at our warehouse on Long Island NY, you don’t need to wait to hear from us. You can pick up anytime on weekdays between 8am and 3pm (ET).

We ship very fast and can’t guarantee that an order won’t ship after it has been placed. If you need to cancel an order or cancel an item within an order, you must contact the warehouse directly at 631-608-0858. We don’t guarantee cancellation but if we are contacted at the warehouse before it ships we will do everything we can to stop the order or item from shipping. Please do not send an email to cancel an order as we may not see the request in time to stop an order.

Never use a chemical or household cleaning product on your baseboard covers. Only use water. Simply dampen a soft cloth with a little water and wipe the cover. To control dust build-up, remove the cover regularly, wipe the back side of the cover, and vacuum the heater element. Our easy-to-use design makes taking the covers off and on very simple.

Our warehouse is located at 21 Grant Street in Copiague, New York. If you live within driving distance you are welcome to pick up from us. When ordering on our website, select “Local Pick-up” as your shipping option.

If you placed a pick-up order you don’t need to wait to hear from us to pick it up. We are available for pick-ups on weekdays between 8am and 3pm (ET). Your order will be ready when you arrive.

We occasionally come across unique situations. Sometimes a customer may have high-output fins or a pipe isn’t a simple wall-to-wall setup.

Typically our covers will work, but we encourage customers to call us if they’re unsure. Usually we will ask for photos so we can see and evaluate the set-up. For fastest service, send us an email with photos and description of the issue.

We originally produced a metal bracket, but in 2019 we upgraded to a hi-tech plastic. It’s stronger and lighter than the metal one. It’s also quieter. We’re always looking for ways to improve our products and this is one of the changes we’ve recently made that you may notice when you receive your shipment.

It’s easy to know if you need to include a corner in your order. In some rooms, the heating element starts on one wall and ends on an adjacent wall. You would order one inner corner for every instance where the heating element hugs against an inner wall. You would order an outer corner if the element hugs up against an outer corner wall. If you have any questions you can always call or email us and we’ll walk you through your order.

Our covers are compatible with hydronic heat systems, aka “hot water heat” “slant fin” baseboard covers.

If you have baseboard heat in Northern America, it’s likely that you have hot water heat, and your baseboards will be compatible with our covers. When developing our product we wanted to provide products for the most people possible, and hydronic heat is the most common.

Some homes are equipped with steam heat or electric heat and our covers are not compatible.

If your home uses electric heat we’re developing a product that will be compatible, but we don’t have a launch date yet. Email us and we can notify you when they are available.

Occasionally there may be a situation where you’re not sure what type of heat system you have. In that case, you can call our office and we’ll help you determine whether your system is compatible.

A Cover Set is one front panel cover plus the back panel strip and the brackets and screws needed to install the cover. It does not include the end caps, which will need to be ordered separately.

IMPORTANT: To determine the correct size of cover to order, measure from the outer end of each existing end cap. Once our system is installed, our end caps OVERLAP the cover at each end for stability. You will need to order a cover size that allows for 2″ overlap at each end.

You can easily trim your new covers with a hack saw for a custom fit. You can also connect two covers with a snap cap to make a longer section.

For reference, the lengths of each cover are:

2-Foot Cover Set: 24″ length cover

4-Foot Cover Set: 48″ length cover

6-Foot Cover Set: 72″ length cover

8-Foot Cover Set: 96″ length cover

1. Measure the width of the existing baseboard cover AND end caps from the outer edge of the end caps. When installed, our end caps overlap the cover for stability so you will need to measure with that in mind and purchase a cover that allows for the overlap.

2. Order a size that is NOT LESS IN LENGTH than your measurement. If your measurement is close but slightly longer than a cover size, you can buy the shorter cover if your total overage is 2″ or less. Our covers are designed to be trimmed with a hacksaw for a custom fit. The Cover Set includes the cover, upper back panel, lower panel, brackets, and screws. You’ll need to order end caps, corners, and snap caps separately to customize.

3. The cover length measurements are exactly 8-feet, 6-feet, 4-feet, and 2-feet. If your measurement is one inch more than the length of a cover, you may round down and purchase the smaller cover. For example, if your measurement is 49 inches, the 4-foot cover (48 inches) should work. If your measurement is more than 50 inches you would need to buy the 6-foot cover and trim it. Buying a cover set that is too small could result in the end caps not seating securely, and even though we are sharing a possible solution, purchasing a cover that is slightly too small should be done at your own risk.

4. If the length of your measurement is longer than 8 feet, you should order two cover sets AND a snap cap to connect them in the middle. Measure the entire width of your existing baseboard run, divide the number in half, and order two baseboards that are closest to that number without going under in size. Trim to custom size with a hacksaw.

5. Once you have added the cover set to your order, don’t forget to purchase end caps, snap caps, and corners as needed.

The preferred way to contact us is through email so we can determine which member of our staff can best answer your question or assist you, but we welcome customers to contact us in any way that is most convenient for them.

Our staff is available through our website live chat, through email at customerservice@michellet19.sg-host.com, or on our contact page. You can also reach us by phone between 8am-4pm (ET) weekdays. We also respond to support requests on Facebook. Send us a private message.

When contacting us through live chat we suggest you enter your email address so we can get back to you by email if we aren’t able to respond right away. We don’t outsource our customer service so we aren’t live 24/7, but we’re available often and always respond as soon as possible.

Cover Luxe baseboard covers optimize energy usage by creating a vertical wall of heat along the walls of a room that preserves warmth from the outside in. During tests, we found that Cover Luxe baseboard covers increases energy efficiency by 17% over traditional cover styles.

Once you place your order, we generally package and ship same day if the order is placed before 1pm ET. Weekend orders are filled on Mondays unless it’s a holiday.

With FedEx Ground you should have your delivery within three business days after shipping. If you’re delivering to the East Coast it could be less. If you’re on the West Coast or Alaska it could take a few extra days. Please factor weather into delivery timelines, as adverse conditions can affect delivery date.

If you haven’t received your order within 5-6 business days, let us know and we’ll determine if there is an issue.

In early 2019 we launched a new adjustable corner for situations where covers do not meet at a 90-degree angle. The adjustable corner is perfect for breakfast nooks, angled bay windows, and other areas that are not square. This product is available in our online shop.

Cover Luxe covers are made from a patented plastic designed specifically for heat system and thoroughly tested to not rust, chip, dent, or off-gas. The covers are also eco-friendly using recycled materials.

All of our covers measure 8 3/8″ in height once installed. They are 3″ deep installed.

A standard Cover Set comes with mounting brackets, screws, front panel cover, and back panel strip. You will need to order a Complete End Cap Set that includes the two End Caps and two Snap Caps that secure the ends of the front panel cover.

Don’t forget to order Inner Corner or Outer Corner if needed.

A single Snap Cap would also need to be ordered if you are connecting two Cover Set covers together.

We accept returns received within 30 days from the date of purchase. You will receive a refund on the price of the products returned once we receive them and verify that they are in new condition. They cannot be cut or modified in any way to be eligible for a return. Shipping is not refundable. The item must be in its original packaging with all parts included and undamaged. Please call us before shipping back to us so we can properly process your return.

Cover Luxe covers are strong and durable. They’re designed to not rust, chip, or dent. Based on their construction, it would be difficult to damage the covers. We provide a 10-year limited warranty and stand behind the product when it is used for its intended purpose under normal indoor conditions.

The warranty is voided in a few situations:

  1. If the covers are intentionally damaged the warranty is voided. Jumping on, stepping on, standing on, or bending them would be considered intentional damage.
  2. Placing heavy objects on the covers that cause damage will void the warranty.
  3. Intentionally striking the covers or dropping something heavy will void the warranty.
  4. If the covers are scrubbed with a hard-bristle or wire brush the warranty will be voided.
  5. If the covers are cleaned with chemicals or bleach the warranty is voided.* Chemicals that may NOT be used include Windex, Pledge, 409, Clorox spray, Oxy Clean, Comet/Ajax, Lysol, etc. The covers should only be cleaned with mild dish soap and water.
  6. If the covers are painted, colored with markers or crayons, or if stickers are affixed the warranty is voided.
  7. Any spill should be immediately wiped clean. Covers installed near a toilet should be wiped often. Liquids left on the covers that cause discoloration will void the warranty.
  8. If the covers are shipped to a second location (3rd-party) and the covers sustain damage in transit, the warranty will be voided.
  9. Covers purchased through unauthorized resellers will not be warrantied. We do not control the conditions they are stored in and cannot verify authenticity of the product unless it is purchased from an authorized reseller. We do NOT sell on Amazon, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Walmart, Target, etc. Buying directly from our website is the best guarantee of purchasing an authentic warrantied product and receiving responsive customer service on every purchase.

*It’s important to make sure anyone in the home who would be cleaning the covers is aware that chemicals, bleach, and extra-strength cleaners should not be used. The covers are designed for easy cleaning with a soft cloth and water, and/or a diluted solution of mild dish soap.

In cases where the wall is uneven and/or has waves, slightly unscrew the screws in the dips to attempt to achieve level. Don’t unscrew too much or it compromises the strength of that bracket position.

1. You may return items in their original box within 30 days of purchase with a 10% restocking fee.
2. The product must be in new, undamaged condition and include all parts.
3. The customer is responsible for shipping and insuring returns.
4. Please include your original shipping document so we can properly process your refund. Write “RETURN” on the document.
6. Once we receive your return, we process refunds within 5-10 business days or typically sooner.

Ship to:

Cover Luxe
21 Grant Street
Copiague, NY 11726

(Please note: We do not provide return shipping on returns and do not issue return labels)

Cover Luxe covers are designed to be easy to install.

The tools needed are:

  • Hacksaw to trim the front panel cover and back panel strip to the your custom size
  • Drill to remove old screws and install new ones
  • Pliers to remove the existing metal baseboard cover
  • Stud finder for finding studs in the wall. Our brackets need to be installed into studs

We recommend vacuuming the dust build-up off the heating element before covering it with your new cover.

Please note: If the studs in your wall are not at standard 16″ width apart, you will need wall anchors which are not included in the set.

End caps have to be manufactured in pairs, and if we sold them separately we’d have to raise the price on a single end cap as well as adding extra packaging. In addition, most element arrangements we observed during our research required two end caps. For those reasons we only sell the end caps as a set.

We designed our system to be fully customizable. Some customers will need to combine covers and won’t need end caps with every cover. Also, in some situations a heating element exits the wall. Customers would need a snap cap for each point where the pipe goes in or out of the wall, installing the snap cap flush against the wall to create a neat, finished look at the ends.

(Please note: Our end caps are sold as pairs and not sold individually due to the production process. We are unable to economically manufacture and package singles.)

Old metal baseboard covers have a tendency to become rusted, dented, and disfigured over time. (You’ve probably seen metal end caps that don’t fit perfectly and easily fall off.) Painting will not remove dents or make end caps seat properly again.

Painting metal baseboard covers is a large, time-consuming project that requires fully removing the covers and hardware, labeling, sand blasting, painting with primer, painting with multiple coats of paint, drying between coats, and re-installation.

Skipping the removal step to save time significantly increases the risk that your home will be filled with paint fumes for an extended time. Even if the covers are painted outdoors, they’re likely to off-gas inside the home when re-installed.

We created Cover Luxe covers in response to what we saw as a no-win situation for homeowners with metal baseboard covers. Our covers are easy to install and won’t rust, chip, or dent and they don’t off-gas. They also look beautiful compared to old baseboard covers and significantly improve the look of your home.

A smart thermostat is a great combination with Cover Luxe covers because they both improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Smart thermostats such as Nest, EcoBee, and Lyric are designed to optimize the temperature in your home based on learning how you prefer your temperature at different times of day.

Cover Luxe covers optimize energy usage by creating a vertical wall of heat that preserves a room’s warmth from the outside in. Using both Cover Luxe and smart thermostats together are a great choice for homeowners who want to get the most out of their energy dollar.

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