Do Smart Thermostats Like Nest Work With Hydronic Baseboard Heat?

nest thermostat baseboard covers

Using a smart thermostat in connection with a hydronic heat system is one of the easiest and fastest ways to reduce home energy waste in the winter. Hydronic heat systems are some of the most efficient ways to heat a home and Cover Luxe’s innovative vertical vent design is the first in the industry to leverage a home’s natural air currents, reducing the amount of heat needed to warm a room.

Smart thermostats are a powerful tool in managing your home’s heating and cooling because of energy-saving features such as temperature optimization, auto-scheduling, geofencing, app-based remote access and monitoring, usage analysis at a glance, and voice control among others.

The reason most homeowners buy and install digital smart thermostats like Nest, Ecobee, and Sensi is to help regulate heat in the home, to reduce energy waste, and eliminate as much inefficiency as possible.

Traditional thermostats don’t have the hi-tech features of a digital thermostat and aren’t able to optimize and adjust your heat system’s operation. By design, they’re only able to turn off and on based on a static sensor located within the unit.

How Do the Baseboard Heat and Smart Thermostat Systems Work Together?

Cover Luxe baseboard heat covers move warm air along a room’s natural air currents that run along the walls. Because of a smart thermostat’s wall placement, they more quickly detect heat in the room when heat is moving along the walls.

With traditional baseboard covers that move heat around a room less efficiently, the smart thermostat doesn’t detect an area’s warmth until the room is already overheated. That means the heat system is running longer than necessary to keep the room’s occupants warm.

The bottom line is that Cover Luxe vertical vent design allows warm air to ride a room’s natural currents instead of trying to unnaturally force it to the center of the room. And smart thermostat units quickly detect this optimized warm air and they pause heat system operation more quickly, saving on energy costs.

Cover Luxe baseboard heat covers and smart thermostats are a win-win for homeowners looking to reduce energy consumption in the winter while maintaining a cozy, heated home.

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