Contractor & Builder Pricing

If you’re a builder, contractor, or tradesperson here are two ways to purchase Cover Luxe Better Baseboard Covers and receive a contractor discount:

    1. PURCHASE ONLINE: Call our office at 1-855-PLASTX-1 and request a personal contractor code. Once you’re approved as a contractor/builder, this will allow you to purchase Better Baseboard Covers online anytime you need them at your contractor discount. Please note that all purchases with your code must have the same contact information as the original contractor.
    2. PURCHASE BY PHONE: If you prefer to place your order over the phone, call our office at 1-855-PLASTX-1 and request contractor/builder status. Once you are approved, we will process your order. We’ll also give you a personal contractor code to enable you to make purchases online in the future.

We ship via UPS Ground to the contiguous United States and Canada. We also offer local pick-up at our Long Island, NY warehouse. Other options are available for bulk shipping.

If you place an order online and prefer to pick up, call our office after placing your order and we’ll refund your shipping charge.

We ship fast! Weekday orders placed before 4pm ET are generally shipped same day. Weekend orders are shipped on Mondays. (We don’t ship on holidays).

Your personal contractor code belongs to only you. Purchases made with the contractor code must be using the same billing name each time a purchase is made. We reserve the right to void a personal contractor code if we believe it may have been compromised or shared.

Check out the installation videos below for a demonstration of how the baseboard covers are installed. As always, call us or use our contact form to let us know if you have any questions!

Video 1: This video shows you what’s in the box and the tools needed to perform a D-I-Y installation.

Video 2: This video demonstrates the removal of existing baseboards.

Video 3: This video demonstrates how to install baseboard covers, snap caps, and end caps.

Video 5: This video demonstrates how to install our updated brackets and upper back panel that we began shipping in late 2016. All other parts of the installation process are exactly the same as videos 1-4. The only difference is the the upper back panel no longer has holes, and sits securely in the bracket grooves.

Video 4: This video demonstrates how to install inner corner caps and outer corner caps.

IMPORTANT: Remember to never clean your Cover Luxe baseboard covers with any cleanser, solvent, or chemical. This can damage the cover and will void the warranty. Regularly wipe your covers inside and out with a damp cloth using water only.