There’s a longstanding misconception that baseboard heater covers work through radiating heat toward the center of a room. It’s easy to misunderstand because it feels warmer next to your baseboard covers.

The reality is that there are invisible currents running throughout a room and the physics of hot and cold air flow and interaction are what make hydronic baseboard covers effective.

Traditional covers that point outward are less effective for two important reasons.

1. Baseboard heat units don’t use a fan or blower to move heat. To effectively heat a room’s center a blower mechanism would be essential.

2. Baseboard heat units that have vents aiming toward the center of a room are disrupting the natural flow of air from the floor to ceiling, resulting in a loss of efficiency.

Cover Luxe baseboard heat covers are the smart choice for replacement baseboard heat covers because they’re designed to leverage the physics of air flow.

Cold air is denser than warm air. Hot air rises and cold air sinks because of their different densities. Cold air currents on the floor are pulled up through the heat element and the heated air rises. This lighter, less dense air is then distributed around the room on convection currents.

As warm air cools, it sinks back to the floor and is once again drawn through the heating element to make its trip back through the currents that warm the room.

Baseboard heater vents that are designed to point toward the center of the room disrupt the natural air currents, warming a room slower and increasing heating costs. Cover Luxe has researched and solved this baseboard heating inefficiency and continues to look for ways to improve baseboard heat cover design, aesthetics, and function.

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